All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without the proper team to support you.

So come aboard and join the Paul Davis Team!


Mitigation Technicians

Our mitigation team serves people and properties recovering from damages due to disasters. Specializing in the cleaning of water, fire, and mold damage; our team is equipped to assist with knowledge, experience, and expertise. We love creating an opportunity for our team members by providing industry training and the opportunity to become experts in their field.
This posting is ideal for those who are looking for an entry level labor type position.
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Restoration and Construction Technicians

Whether a disaster strikes, or home improvements are needed; our restoration and construction team will work to complete the project while being empathetic and with a sense of urgency. Our restoration team works hard and takes pride in restoring properties back to their pre-damage condition.
This posting is ideal for those who have construction and/or carpentry experience and would like to utilize those skills.
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Restoration Project Managers

Our Restoration Project Management team is responsible for the planning of, procurement & execution as well as the completion of restoration and construction projects. They manage the project and all the resources necessary to successfully complete the project. The Restoration Project Manager builds relationships with insurance professionals, property owners and property managers.
This posting is ideal for those who have a strong leadership or management skillset, are computer savvy, and have a working knowledge of construction practices.
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Our team utilizes all styles of sub-contractors for a multitude of different projects and tasks. If you are interested in speaking with our team about subcontracting opportunities, please reach out to us directly @ 845-651-1850

Everyone Else

Reach out to us directly if you feel that you would be a great asset to our team, but just aren’t quite sure where exactly in the company you might fit in.